Art Appraisals for Your Collection

Artsy offers a full range of services to appraise trusts, estates, and art collections. We act as a trusted partner for collectors, their advisors, as well as executors, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries of estates.

Why Use Artsy for Appraisal and Collection Management Services
Pre-vetted certified appraisers
Artsy will connect you with the best independent appraiser for your collection. Receive professional valuations for best independent, fully certified and USPAP compliant appraiser for your collection.
Tailored sales plan
You will receive a customized sales plan to monetize your art assets. We’ll find the best buyers for your works through auctions, private sales, and direct listings.
Selling with confidence and ease
We provide white glove service through the entire process, including arranging shipping and securing payment when your works sell.
Meet Our Trusts & Estates Specialist
Prior to joining Artsy, Simon worked as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, a Senior Account Manager at Christie’s, and did business development for Winston Art Group, one of the leading independent art appraisal and advisory firms. With over fifteen years of experience in the art and financial markets, he brings extensive knowledge and insight to your planning needs.
Simon Wills
Senior Manager, Trusts & Estates