Artists say "NHO" to Child Abuse.

11 [HellHeaven]
Apr 28, 2018 7:55PM

A remote village in India is starting the change. Thanks to two contemporary artists.

"NHO To Child Abuse" is a Global Art Campaign founded by two contemporary artists, ROMANHO ( and Bansri Chavda, in order to create awareness about sensitives issues concerning childhood in the most disadvantaged countries.

"NHO to Child Abuse" Global Art Campaign

Both artists, one living in Dallas, Tx the other one in Mumbai, India started this project from scratch without any financial support but with the intention to promote changes. Bansri Chavda and Romanho are committed to fight for every boy and girl by means of education and art workshop.  

The campaign was launched on April 21st in a remote village called Sawarshet-Maharashtra, India.

A workshop was created for village children, speaking about child abuse to them. The kids reactions were pretty much based on the mindset of their society. The subject remains sensitive and requires more than a one time effort to create awareness. However, the children opened themselves up and expressed freely that this is something bad. It shouldn't happen to any children. Kids in the village were excited to show their support. They understood that expressing and denouncing an abuse is a way out of abuse. However, a relationship has to be built to make a difference.

The world NO by itself has a perception of negativity. NHO with the H in the middle stands for Humanity, Help and Hope.  

11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery is proud to support and help. Please do the same. Play your part and support NHO. Every drop of water makes the sea.  

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