What is DesignArt?

11 [HellHeaven]
Nov 10, 2018 3:46PM

Redefining emotions in everyday objects through function and beauty.

DesignArt is a new word that redefines things bringing emotion to our everyday lives through function and beauty.

It is a new international movement crossing the boundaries between genres and opening itself to the hybridization of forms. Aesthetics and functionality find now, in daily life, new territories to colonize. Product design becomes emotional, and meets the uniqueness of art in extremely limited series or one-of-a-kind pieces.

Verteramo 'Maltina miniatures'. Without Sense Collection, 2017. Courtesy by 11[HellHeaven]

DesignArt defines a new taxonomy between the absolutely artificial and the raw, the luxurious and the minimalist. The hybridization is produced by a sort of creative short circuit that, breaking the existing genres, creates a new identity, to which the traits of the previous ones are transmitted. Aesthetic phenomena are no longer separated and marginal, but fully integrated into the worlds of production, marketing and communication. They all are hybrids carrying the most characteristic traits of modernity.

DesignArtworks have as their privileged scenario the domestic space, the daily environment as fluid energy field generating aesthetically significant experiences. The new objects are loved and chosen by virtue of their symbolic, emotional and signifying power, not only for their use. More, they leave field to self-expression as never before, mixing experimentations, irony, the ludic quote to functionality, letting us all free to choose and build our own scenario in our private spaces.

In this space, where we are perfect protagonists, DesignArt moves exactly as in the liquid space of the net: it is the most authentic and powerful expression of our times, and the brand New Classic of tomorrow.

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