What is Trance Sonic Painting

11 [HellHeaven]
Mar 28, 2018 9:11PM

Painting, performance and videoart all-in-one: focusing on sound and on its correlation to vision.

TSP Trance-Sonic Painting is a performative action, a painting and a videoart installation by the Italian avantgarde conceptual artist Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal.

Marco Guglielmi is a visual artist and a performer whose research focuses on sound and on its correlation to vision. The accordance of sound and vision is a leit-motiv in Marco’s works such as ‘SonicMandala’ and ‘TSP (Trance Sonic Painting)’. SonicMandala is an alchemical approach to sound stimulating the vision through resonance, while in TSP specific waveforms induce a rapture whereof the artist reverses the sonic vibrations to the canvas.  

Driven solely by sounds, the artist becomes a medium able to make visible on canvas the sensations aroused by sonic vibrations. An oscillation is generated in order to induce a mesmerizing trance similar to that provoked by mantras. In this state of consciousness Marco Guglielmi moves and transposes the sound to the bidimensionality of the canvas, whereof a series of definite images and signs begin to emerge. Once the picture has reached its full manifestation, the performance can be said to have ended.

The whole process is documented by a video footage that is an integral part of the work, together with the canvas. Each single painting realized via TSP is called "Espansione (Expansion)" and  numbered starting from 1. Each work is unique and unrepeatable. Technique is acrylic on canvas.

TSP Trance-Sonic Painting and Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal are exclusively represented by 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery.

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