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Aug 14, 2021 12:28AM


Reimmortal's Megabell is ready to ring Miami. With the Megabell Templum, the new installation by Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal, a modern Stonehenge meets art, technology and spiritualty in Miami. As a special feature, two unique applications, the Megabell app and the Megabell social will enable users to personalise and remotely control their healing route with the Megabell Templum.

What is the “Megabell Templum”?

The Templum is at the same time a massive artwork, a monumental music instrument and a healing path for body and soul. This will be an impressive installation meeting art, technology and spirituality half way. It’s about experiencing the power of vibrations. Locations, projects and plans are top secret for now. The only thing I can say: this is only the beginning; I am planning a Templum in many big cities worldwide. Miami will be the pilot project. Basically, the Templum is shaped like a ultra-contemporary Stonehenge: a wide space surrounded by seven structures called Megabells. Each one is at the same time a sculpture and a music instrument, tuned to a special frequency in order to activate a specific chakra. The ensemble of these flows produces the chakra activation obtaining a totally immersive "gong bath" effect, exponentially multiplied.

Would you make us an exemple?

In Western culture we often speak of "gong baths". An ancient custom that has now evolved but has its roots in the mists of time when shamans used voice and sound, combined with magical potions, to heal or create spells. The healing power of sound is now accredited by western science and is currently used in music therapy. But the Templum can do something more. Each Megabell is tuned according to the classic yoga scale of the chakras and we can imagine the temple as a great immersive instrument: it is at the same time able to emit sounds and compose music in a manual or completely automated way. This modern instrument is now in the hands of the 2.0 shaman who can take advantage of an advanced technological system while retaining the classic approach and the analogue nature of sound.

How will the Temple work?

You may use the Templum as a therapy, especially in case of imbalance and disharmony of a single part of the body or a single sphere of your life. Or you may live this experience as a collective ritual, a concert, a live show. Each session will be a full immersive experience alone or in a group, as an individual exploration or within special workshops and live events with masters from all around the world. Also, this can be activated in presence or in remote by using the Megabell app, and shared using the Megabell social.

What are Megabell app and Megabell social?

It’s a special app designed for your smartphone, that will allow you to customize and remotely manage your healing path with the Templum. But not only: you can also use this as a music app! You can compose your own healing songs with the Megabells, add this as a track to your own music studio and share your compositions with the community which will be able to re-play, vote, comment. Djs and gurus from all over the world will compose their own magical "potions" of healing sequences and put them at the service of the community. The most generous will donate them, the others will be able to sell them using specific e-commerce channels.

Tell us more about your sonic research.

In addition to being an artist, I am an entrepreneur and inventor. Among other things, I founded a company (READEA) whose business is licensing and selling my own industrial patents. My scientific mentality is at the service of creativity and emotion: my mentors are Leonardo da Vinci, Pico della Mirandola, Nikolas Tesla. The purpose of all my installations - such as Sonic Tree and Sonic Forest, created for MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Rome and for Venice Biennale, or as the Megagong for Art Basel Week 2019 - is to investigate an harmonic vision of vibrating bodies. I always conceive my artworks as multimedia modules generating sonic waves and projecting images in a livable space the audience can inhabit. All my lifetime research is on the connections between visual and sonic perceptions based on emotions, a non-verbal language which is – first and foremost – an energetic exchange. I am currently working on a series of Mega-instruments starting from Megagongs, then on to Megabells, Megatubularbells, Megadrums and Megastrings. All these are inspired by the traditional music instruments but in mega proportions, and mix an advanced technology to a minimalistic shape. Also, each one is designed for healing. I have my own sonic map gained from years of research on music and alchemy.

Is that a secret?

Well, I will never tell you my sonic recipes of course. But you can test them in person; they are constantly evolving and growing with the dimensions of my Mega-instruments. Who says size doesn't matter? So you may expect some surprises while scaling from mega to ultra and hyper size. Just imagine the sound of a 600 ft high gong!

Why Miami?

Miami is the most vibrant and exciting place-to-be in US nowadays. Where else would you have at the same time Art Basel Miami and Ultra Music Festival, respectively the most important event worldwide for contemporary art and electronic music? Also, Miami is so noisy! It really needs more sounds of harmony. My choice of working here, combining contemporary art and experimental music, was more than easy. I have in Miami my own showroom, in 2200 Biscayne Blvd. You can see all my prototyps, projects and inventions there. But please remember: it works by appointment only; so if you want to stop by please reach me via my website (https://reimmortal.com/contatti/) or via 11HellHeaven Art Gallery (http://11art.gallery) or search for 11 HellHeaven Art Gallery wherever online (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube).

11 [HH] Art Gallery