Venues for the 43SNA

43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas
Jul 31, 2013 2:36PM

EDIFICIO ANTIOQUIA, (alternative venue for the Universidad de Antioquia).

Like the Museo de Antioquia, it is located at the heart of Medellín. It was formerly the headquarters of the revenue office of the Governor‘s, where people paid their taxes and bought liquor. It was recently taken over by the Universidad de Antioquia and the Salon is part of the initiative to find new uses for the building. 

MUSEO DE ANTIOQUIA (Antioquia Museum)

One of Colombia’s s emblematic museums, it has occupied the building that used to host the municipal government (Palacio Municipal) for over a decade. The Salon will use two of its temporary halls and part of the Assembly building (Casa del encuentro). 

MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO DE MEDELLÍN (Medellín Museum of Modern Art).

Founded in 1978, it moved to its new location in November 2009. The building, a steel factory formerly known as the Robledo workshop, has been adapted to the needs of contemporary art and is now regarded as one of the best exhibition sites in the country. 

HELADERÍA (ice cream parlor)

The space on the first floor of the Antioquia building will host a variety of lively programs highlighting the artistic and cultural life of Medellín. The venue is conceived as a cafeteria/bar where one-off events can take place; they may last several hours, a morning, an evening or a whole day. Among the activities there will be music concerts, performances, portable art events, video exhibits, evening presentations of artists‘ portfolios, and conversations with artists or cultural producers.

We want this venue to be a site for an active dialogue about art. It will be like a long opening, where artists and public can meet, a place where you can have a snack while talking about art or about life or about the things you are eating or drinking. 

Members of the cultural sector in Medellín have been invited to submit proposals for this site. 

43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas