Gaining Momentum: Linda Richichi

530 Burns Gallery
Jul 10, 2018 8:07PM

530 Burns Gallery is pleased to share Linda Richichi's recent publications.

Fine Art Connoiseur published an article about Linda Richichi's recent solo exhibition: Escape to the Vineyard, located at 530 Burns Gallery's location in Edgartown, MA.

"Richichi received her bachelor’s degree in fine art from SUNY in 1994 and discovered her passion for plein air painting by 2001. By painting on-site and in the moment, each brush mark holds true energy, creating a landscape that is pure and calm. Oil paint glides from Richichi’s brush to canvas or panel in an energetic and seemingly spontaneous manner, yet the intuitive calculation of each each stroke is unmistakable." - Fine Art Connoiseur

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"Island Sunset," Pastel, 11 x 14

Linda Richichi's work was also recently featuring in an article in the MV Times, the primary newspaper for all of Martha's Vineyard.  

"Plein air painter Linda Richichi clearly has a passion for color. A lovely diptych that dominates one wall of the gallery is appropriately titled “Tangerine Sky.” The large double painting features a striking sunset sky rendered in various tones of orange with the colors reflected in the water of a marshy pond. Subtle touches of pink and lavender add to the tranquility of the peaceful scene." - Gwyn McCallister

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"Tangerine Sky I," Oil on Panel, 30 x 30

"Tangerine Sky II," Oil on Panel,

"Aquinnah Light" Oil on canvas, 24 x 36

530 Burns Gallery