Peter Bradley Cohen: Complete Biography, Artist Statement and Exhibiton History

530 Burns Gallery
Jan 30, 2019 1:05AM

Peter Bradley Cohen made the transition to art full time 3 years ago, but began making work as a kid where he was hugely inspired by abstract expressionism, pop and post modern work. He also started collecting at the age of 13 when he acquired his first Motherwell and has continued acquiring along the way with a collection that outstrips available space. Prior to his current art practice, he spent 30+ years as an advertising leader and worked at several large multinational ad agencies and worked at Microsoft Corporation for over 10 years leading global advertising.

Peter shows at Boston Art and Kabinett in Boston, Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells Maine, Newport Contemporary Fine Arts in Newport Rhode Island, 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, Florida and Kaller Fine Arts in Washington, DC. In the short time Peter has been practicing his art full time he has been in over 20 groups shows and juried competitions. He serves on the Advisory Board of the ICA in Boston where he is on the Acquisition and Exhibitions Committee. He is also a member of the Cambridge Art Association and SOWA in the South End of Boston. He currently lives in Hillsdale, NY and practices in nearby Hudson.

Peter Bradley Cohen
Purple No. 1 , 2016
530 Burns Gallery

Peter is currently working on 3 bodies of work all predicated on 3D assemblage—Balance & Symbols, Rage and The Voice.

Balance & SymbolsThis work explores the tension and balance between geometric rigidity and organic fluidity, material weight and the impression of weightlessness. With traces of assemblage, much of Peter’s process involves the act of improvisation, reflecting his interest in the unpredictable nature of human and natural expression. His work also strives to create a sense that the viewer has stumbled upon an object that looks and feels untouched, random. This element speaks to the inherent power of the found object. It’s about the chance encounter with something that is pure.

RageEvery artist has thought about how to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. I wanted to create something that would be of this moment, yet would be meaningful into the future no matter the state of democracy. Less conceptually, I needed to more immediately and personally express my own feelings as well as the general mood of so many Americans since November.The body of work is called “Rage.” This is not merely my own rage, or my friends; Donald Trump invites rage in his opponents. More important, more tragic, and more destructive, he has fueled and ignited rage in his followers. He thrives on rage. Red is the color of rage--War aggression, blood.

Talk with the AnimalsThis series of work was undertaken during a residency at the Vermont Studio Center and has been expanded up since that time. All of the materials used in the making of this work are from non-animal products--faux fur, cast wax filet's, cast wax chicken drumsticks, pleather, synthetic rabbit foot key chains and more.

Cohen has sought a voice and construct that addresses the complex issues around our relationship with animals in the context of factory farming as well as how we view and treat them within the framework of our culture. This work is intended to be approachable and entertaining, but at the same time it is meant to raise some disturbing issues, which is part of their allure. There is a definite darkness at play, in some case more overt and in others cloaked beneath a pretty veneer. The work is intended to engender a dialogue and bring about awareness that these creatures are sentient beings and our decisions and behavior have consequences for them, for human health and for the environment.

Peter Bradley Cohen
Totem Village (2), 2016
530 Burns Gallery



530 Burns Gallery, Sarasota Florida, Season Preview, Oct-Nov.

Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia California, Extra Crispy Group Show, Sept-October 2018

Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, Massachusetts, Juried Member Show, Sept-Oct 2018

Kaller Contemporary Fine Arts, Washington, DC, Quarry Springs Show, May, 2018

Newport Contemporary Fine Arts, Newport Rhode Island, Spring Exhibition, April - May, 2018

Kabinett, Boston, Killers & Thrillers, Jan - March 2018

Newport Contemporary Fine Arts, Newport, Rhode Island, New Work by Emerging Artists, Nov 30 - Jan 15, 2018

Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, Massachusetts, Open to Interpretation, Nov 9-Jan 12 2018


Newport Contemporary Fine Arts, Newport, Rhode Island, Fall Exhibition, Oct - Nov, 2017

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mary Schein Fall Salon, Sept 2017

Bromfield Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, Body Politic, August 2-20, 2017

Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, Massachusetts, The Line, June 15- July 15, 2017

Newport Contemporary Fine Arts, Newport, Rhode Island, Spring Group Show, May-June, 2017

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, National Prize Show, Juror’s Choice Recipient, May 2017

Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, Massachusetts, Reclaimed Show, April-July 2017

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Miniature Show, April 2017


Gallery 314, SOWA, Boston, MassachusettsClean Cut, Fall 2016

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Imagining Home, 2016

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MassachusettsFlux Exhibition, 2016

Marblehead Festival of the Arts, Marblehead, Massachusetts, Sculpture Exhibit, July 2016

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fall Salon, 2016


Vermont Studio Center, 2017, Visual Artist Residency

Castle Hill, Truro, 2017, Workshop with Bernd Haussmann

ICA Boston, Advisory Board Member 2017-Present

Cambridge Art Association, Board Member 2017-Present

Member SOWA Artists Guild, Boston

530 Burns Gallery