Vision is Scary

Aamir Habib
Sep 5, 2014 3:33PM

Taxidermy Coyote, Binocular, Photo Print, Acrylic 

The world as an oppressive place, where survival is possible only at the expense of others, the cycle of life, however brutal and inimical, is natural. In his featured work Vision is Scary, Habib uses a wolf’s carcass in his installation, completing this sequence, challenging viewers to review their part in the whole. The wolf looks ardently through a pair of binoculars at a picturesque scene of a utopian landscape — its iridescent colors, lucid waters and blossoming foliage create an idyllic aura. In literature, visual imagery and colloquial language, animals are often used to symbolize specific human characteristics or vice versa. These creatures are generally not able to willfully confirm or deny the characteristics we attribute to them, most of which have evolved from the way we observe and think we understand the behavior of an animal. Sometimes, the attributes have developed through use in fiction, myth or rituals and have simply been passed down by tradition through language.

Aamir Habib
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