When The Land Escapes

Aamir Habib
Sep 5, 2014 3:25PM

When The Land Escapes.

The land of "one-blast-a-day" punishes innocent and guilty alike, simultaneously and usually with the same weapon. Some call them collateral damage, a case of wrong place wrong time, an unavoidable price. Others deny any civilians are being hurt, their fate thus proof of their guilt. Some make the headlines, others are mourned in private; but most remain unsung martyrs or forever traumatized, like one-eyed Khalfan, the subject of this piece. For those watching it on the news, a ticker; for the live witnesses, a close call. But, for those who suffer, it is lives that haven’t been lived, wants that are still hopes and unfinished dreams blown away into a waft of thick black smoke rising from charred flesh.

“My work is a reflection upon Pakistan's political misgivings. I satirically draw attention to the mass myopia that prevents us from even questioning the cosmetic democracy with the key message being the 'inaction' of the elite and masses alike, that makes anything possible and even the ludicrous acceptable. And the show Terror errors tries to do just that by taking a step further.


Aamir Habib