ACAW Presenter - Burcak Bingol

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)
Oct 6, 2014 5:57PM

Conversation with Leeza Ahmady

Focus on Cruise (2014), a full frontal section of a delivery truck cast to produce a ceramic series that explores the theme of alienation, history, and craft. Cruise connotes both a physical and mental journey. 

3 Movements of the project: 1. Alien-To-Itsef: Alienated daily objects are re-produced into ceramics in Ankara from 2007 to 2010. 2. Unforeseen Transformation: A formal attempt to end the alienation by forcing the objects to relate to each other, bringing the objects together in the same installation space (Istanbul). 3. A Carriage Affair While alienation alters from a personal to social level, it was an urgent necessity to enlarge the objects and break it into its core. Sponsored by Galeri Zilberman

Please visit here for artist bio. 

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)