ACAW Presenter - Heri Dono

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)
Oct 6, 2014 6:19PM

Conversation with Leeza Ahmady

Yogyakarta-based Heri Dono (b.1960 in Jarkata), one of the most prominent contemporary artist working in South-East Asia, has been a leading figure in the Indonesian art since the early 1980s. His multi-media practice, which notably includes wayang kulit, or shadow puppet theater, often draws upon mythologies of the Ramayana and Mahabharata and folkloric traditions to create works of social critique. Sponsored by Tyler Rollins Fine Art

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Images from top: Heri Dono, Trojan Horse (2001); Heri Dono I Feel Secure (1995); Heri DonoWatching the Marginal People (2000); Heri Dono, A Magician who has never been killed (2000). 

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)