ACAW Presenter - Kka-kko Lee

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)
Oct 6, 2014 7:19PM

Group Discussion

Jane Debevoise, author of Between State and Market: Chinese Contemporary Art in the Post-Mao Era (2014) and Chair of the Board of Directors of Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong and New York, will moderate a 30-minute conversation between Farah Wardani, Yogyakarta-based art historian and director of the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA), and Kko-Kka Lee, curator and project manager at Korean Artist Project, an online platform that connects artists with publications and institutions. The discussion will juxtapose and examine how efforts that can be loosely defined as "infrastructure-building" at different regions of Asia meaningfully impact the local art scene. Sponsored by The Korean Art Museum Association

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Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)