ACAW Presenter - Tintin Wulia

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)
Oct 6, 2014 8:51PM

Performance Lecture

Where do you come from – no, really, where do you originally come from? A 15-minute lecture-performance in which Tintin Wulia attempts to answer the age-old question she has been drilled with, growing up as an unassuming minority kid (with a family secret) in Indonesia and later tramping the globe with a self-deprecating Indonesian passport. Phrasing, rephrasing and paraphrasing the question, Tintin goes through pieces of her grouts and groynes, witty and otherwise, persuading you how normal she is, occasionally showing how unusual she is – like every mosquito in this universe.

Please visit here for artist's bio. 

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)