"Clipper" by Adam Hurwitz

AC Institute
Jan 30, 2015 10:41PM

February 19 – March 21, 2015
Opening Reception: Thurs, Feb. 19 from 6-8pm

Reflective nostalgia thrives in ‘algia,’ the longing itself, and delays the homecoming — wistfully, ironically, desperately. -Svetlana Boym, The Future of Nostalgia

Clipper is part of an ongoing project entitled Reflective Nostalgia after the term coined by Svetlana Boym. The project is a series of looping, non-narrative videos, each attempting to convey the texture and melancholy of memory — the interstices of life — rather than specific remembered events. The unsentimental recollections are created from the ground up, using computer animation software. The CGI software imparts an uncanny, dreamlike imagery to the simulacrum of life. Adam Hurwitz’s experience as a painter has guided the work and the resulting videos exist somewhere between painting and film.

Clipper is based on the memory, and near universal experience, of radio towers seen from the highway during summer road trips. The viewer endlessly loops around the blinking, monumental masts in lazy circles at twilight.

Adam Hurwitz is an artist living and working in New York City. His current focus on computer generated video comes out of his knowledge of and experience in painting and drawing. He received his MFA in painting from Yale University School of Art and has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in New York, Boston, Maryland and elsewhere. Adam Hurwitz received a 2014 fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts from the New York Foundation for the Arts and is a recipient of a MacDowell Colony Fellowship for Spring 2015.


AC Institute