Behind the Scenes Look at How the Layered Exhibit Art was Made!

Feb 22, 2017 3:33PM

ACS Magazine Special Edition LAYERED 2017 Issue 

NEW RELEASE! ACS Magazine Special Edition LAYERED 2017 issue. Learn the stories and the process behind the works in the LAYERED exhibit curated by Sergio Gomez. Includes videos and more. Check it out at

LAYERED Exhibit JANUARY 20 - MARCH 3, 2017

Art-making leaves a trace behind. From studio photos, time lapse videos, texts, social media posts to online sources, contemporary artists provide a glimpse into their studio practice. This exhibition aims to investigate the trails and clues left behind in the art-making process by presenting various types of documentation from the Artists way of working. The works were chosen with the purpose to present a wide variety of styles, mediums, and approaches to art-making.


Sandra Bacon

Carrie Baxter

Yvonne Beckway

Maja Bosen

Romana Brunnauer


Jelissa Davis

David DeCesaris

Francesca Dalla Benetta

Margit Bu Dominguez

Jan Glazar

Lisa Goesling

Diana Leviton Gondek

Set Gozo

Sam Haring

Amy Hassan

Claudia Henao

Paulette Insall

Connie Kassal

George Kassal

Gillian Kennedy Wright

Sally Ko

Anke Korioth

Nicole Masani Landfair

Laura Lein-Svencner

Bert Leveille

Joyce P. Lopez

Didi Menendez

Shirley Nannini

Nadine Robins

Anabel Ruiz

Ginny Scott

Barbara Skiba-Poniatowski

Rebecca Stahr

Michael Van Zeyl

David Verslus

Marilyn A. Walter

Candace Wark