Jul 5, 2017 2:31PM

Art NXT Level Podcast with Sergio Gomez conversation with Renée LaVerné Rose

Avoid becoming a victim of an online art scams

Are you protecting yourself from online art scams? In this episode Sergio talks to gallery owner Renée LaVerné Rose about identifying red flags and preventing possible scams to artists and galleries. Increasingly, scammers get more cleaver in their message and pursue of victims. Artists need to be savvy and smart to protect themselves. Share this episode with your friends.

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Renee and Sergio st ACS Gallery in Chicago

About Renée LaVerné Rose

With over twenty years of experience in government administration and politics, Renée LaVerné Rose transitioned her wealth of expertise into the art world as a visual artist and currently is founder & owner of ACS Gallery and ACS Magazine.  ACS Gallery is housed in a one of the most diverse art communities and distinguished locations in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum.  The ACS Gallery offers a wide range of works from emerging and established contemporary artists. The ACS Magazine was launched in September 2015. The ACS Magazine provides our audience with a front row seat and a behind the scenes view of the Art World’s inner workings with its colorful players and diverse cultures that are enriched from these creative minds.