A Remarkably Gifted Artist, Pedro Igrez

Feb 2, 2017 5:47PM

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Pedro Igrez was born in Mexico under the name of Pedro Gutierrez, and has been living in the United States since 2000.  Pedro has adopted the last name Igrez to distinguish his identity and brand himself as a visual artist.  Pedro Igrez is a self-taught artist who has been creating artwork since his youth. 

Pedro does not subscribe to limitations regarding his creativity by categorizing nor labeling himself.  When he was a child he started with drawing with pencil on paper.  Pedro thought to myself “This is it!  I love this!” and was satisfied.  Later Pedro discovered color and paint thinking “This is it!  I love this!”  and was again satisfied.  Pedro continued to puch the boundaries by exploring sculpture and then he realized there was an endless world of possibilities for growth as an artist.  At that point he chose never to limit himself and to never stop exploring all the avenues the art world has to offer.

Pedro’s true passion is painting, drawing, and sculpting, so he devotes time from his gull-time employment to explore his artistic talent. To make his dream of dedicating his life to fine art a reality, in 2010 he committed himself to creating artwork fulltime.

Pedro’s creative process comes to him through his dreams.  Pedro believes this occurs because “he is constantly working on how to resolve a situation during the day; so when he dreams has the ability to find the solution.  When Pedro awakes, he jots down his ideas.  The exciting part for Pedro is taking those ideals creating a tangible work of art; translating an ideal from dream to reality.  Pedro prefers to build his own boards or canvas and he like to use paints and stains that are not originally for that purpose such as roofing tar, coffee grounds, and wine.  Adding found objects to the piece assist Pedro to create the multi-dimensional effect he has in my dreams. 

Since Pedro has a second full-time job (creation is always his first), his time is limited and he tries to use it the best way possible.  So spending time in studio varies from month to month as he feels the need to create. Sometimes he has so many dreams that he has to release those thoughts and make them a reality. In those times Pedro spends countless hours in the studio.  Sometimes he enjoys searching for objects to add to his work and then the creative process is only in his mind. 

Pedro's Solo Exhibition

What have been the influencing factors that have inspired your art career?

Pedro replies” I’m not sure that I can name just a few influencing factors.  Creation is more than just a need of mine, it is a requirement.  Since the first time I held a pencil in my hand and drew a picture; the satisfaction it invoked.  It was when I first welcomed color into my life.  It is the unwavering support I receive from loved ones.”

With a wealth of exhibiting experience, tell us which exhibitions had a significant impact your career.

Pedro replies “All my exhibitions have left me changed, left me a better person, left me a better artist.  I’m grateful when I am able to share something I made.  My first show was for a group exhibit.  It was the first submission I ever made to an art gallery.  Being accepted into the show was extremely rewarding, but when that piece sold...and sold to a complete stranger....WOW!  That was out of this world!  My two solo shows are very special to me as well.  The first one in October of 2014 introduced me to a completely different level of exhibiting my work.  With the second one, just this past June 2015, I experienced a completely different level of feeling, love and appreciation.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to prepare for but the end result was amazing.”

Tell me about two important moments in your art career.

Selling my first piece.  Everyone always remembers their first.  In the beginning of my career I just created for myself, my own satisfaction.  That was the moment I realized that my satisfaction could be shared with others and I really wanted to share that experience.  The other moment was while I was searching for my own style, my own way to be identified, I stepped back and really looked at my pieces, really looked at them as a whole.  The search was over.  I always had it.  It helped me end some of my self-doubt, expel some insecurities.  

What’s next for Pedro?  Pedro will be increasing his visibility and exhibiting internationally. Mexico, his home country, is one particular place he would love to have an exhibit. 

Pedro Igrez
Staircase, 2014

Pedro Igrez  Solo Exhibition

Pedro Igrez
Harvest, 2014