Viktor Farro is gracing the front cover of the ACS Magazine January/February 2018 Issue

Jan 8, 2018 5:54PM

exploring & expanding the essence of digital art

Join Viktor Farro as he tells his story of exploring & expanding the essence of digital art.

Viktor is an American artist and designer working in Chicago. The geometric abstraction style of his current touring exhibit, “You Are Here,” is influenced by color-field and hard-edge Minimalism, and explores the relationship between symbol, context and meaning. Using the iconographic principals of brand identity design, Farro distills personal interests in mythology, business, philosophy, psychology and pop culture into universal references of human experience.

“The day I picked up my first comic book, that’s when I became an artist.” Viktor Farro states. Viktor eight years old. His family had moved to Chicago from the Caribbean a few months earlier, and he had never seen a comic book in his life. He was spellbound!

Viktor shares “The issue was a reprint of an old Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin story. The cover had been torn off and sold as part of a cheap bundle of comics stuffed into a wire spinner rack at a neighborhood mom and pop grocery store. At the time, I didn’t know who the artist was (it turned out to be John Romita, who defined the visual style of Peter Parker and Spider-Man during the late sixties and most of the seventies.), but I’d never seen art like it before. It told a story, and I could follow along and understand it without reading the words (because I’d just moved from Puerto Rico and I didn’t know any English). And so, here was this art, and it felt like the artist was telling me the story directly. So that power over visual narrative blew me away. And I remember thinking something close to, “I want to do that; I want that super power!”

Read about this fascinating emerging visual artist Read Viktor’s feature article starting on page 174 in the ACS Magazine January/February 2018 Issue at Published by Renée LaVerné Rose (Publisher & Editor-in-Chief).