who I AM

Jun 20, 2018 6:25PM

ACS Gallery Collaboration

Geraldine Rodriguez, Fine Art Photographer & Painter

Sometimes you must hibernate and turn yourself inside out to discover that raw talent Sometimes you must allow yourself time to embrace your inner transition Sometimes you must leave the familiar and go somewhere unknown,Sometimes you must flow that inner voice even when you do not know here it’s leading you,I wanted to know who I AM?So, I entered the room of darkness to let my artistic juices flowIn the darkness is I were I was reborn, and creativity has taken over,I am in the zone now, I have something deep inside me to share, and it is flowing like a river, and I know the time is now or neverwho I AM?

Geraldine Rodriguez Fine Art Photographer & Painter http://www.geraldinerodriguez.com

Renée LaVerné Rose is thrilled and honored to be collaborating with a dynamic artistic woman, Geraldine Rodriguez on numerous creative endeavors. ACS Gallery will be presenting the first project in July 2018. Stay tuned!