Anthea Missy: L’amour Vaincra

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May 11, 2020 3:12AM

Hey hey Addictees!

Anthea Missy has hit the streets again, spreading her message of love during this trying time. The Masquerade Ball, a tribute to universal love and lovers during the COVID-19 pandemic,made its debut on the streets of Belgium in April and now, is available as a limited edition print.

40% of the sales proceeds from each print will go to a charity close to Anthea's heart, the King Baudouin Foundation. Click here to learn more about what the organisation is doing for those affected by the pandemic.

Art is going to paint, perform and write about the internal and external struggles we face, and it's going to make us laugh, cry and keep the human condition going. Because that's what Art does, bless her soul. And she does have a soul. A deep, collective soul that is the repository of all the suffering and joy in the world.

Right now, she is holding the emotions of the billions of people that have their heart reside in her, and she is moving through Artists everywhere to spread messages of healing. So listen out.

Here is Anthea's contribution to the streets, to your walls and her message of healing...

Pasting up "The Masquerade Ball"

The Masquerade Ball

About the Music in the Video

“I was thinking about songs and artists that I like, and Nick Waterhouse is one such artist. I approached Nick to see if he would be willing to permit me to use his music as a background for my The Masquerade Ball video. He happily gave his blessing.

“It’s all about love and the good stuff that makes the world go around.

“Nick Waterhouse’s music has an element of the ‘oldies’ but with contemporary themes of love - sometimes bittersweet - a bit like my visuals and messages.” - Anthea Missy

"The Masquerade Ball" ~ The Print

Protect Me From Danger

Medium: Limited edition giclée on 330gsm archival paper with emboss stamp and QR Code featuring the on-the-street installation of The Masquerade Ball video

Edition: Limited to 30

Year: 2020

Size: 79cm x 59cm

Arty-Fact: The Masquerade Ball is a tribute to universal love and lovers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I’m finding it’s a good to time to reconnect with myself. I’m enjoying the solitude. Poetry is more obvious due to the fact that I avoid the news as much as possible. I’m in my world. I encourage people to take a deep dive into themselves, that they reconnect with their own creativity, self love and love for others."L’amour vaincra – love will overcome!" - Anthea Missy

The inspiration for this print can be found as a paste-up on the streets of Belgium.

Price: SGD $275 / USD $195 / EUR €175 / GBP £155 (excluding shipping and applicable import duties / free delivery within Singapore)

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected] if you'd like additional information.

Until the next one, continue to stay safe and take care... And if you can't be with the one you love, honey love the one you're with!

Blair & El xoxo

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