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Dec 30, 2021 4:08PM

My death bed confession is going to be epic

Greetings and salutations Addictees!

We have a confession to make. We stated in our previous blog that it would be the last of the year. Well, surprise! Here we are again, one more time, for 2021.

Thought we'd take a moment to muddle through the brain fog and see what comes out the other end. Sounds like an ad for a high-powered laxative.

It was the Year of MOFOs - what with Delta, Omicron, Megatron and Gaviscon floating about (could probably do with some Gaviscon to sort out our ulcers), so we're going to do our best to recap the year that was at Casa Addicted - sprinkled with some of our favourite things. Like Oprah. But not.

Suffice to say, COVID curbing measures snot-blocked our plans for the year. But we still did stuff... because we're professional like that. Just ignore January. Always ignore January.

On that note, cue Enya's Sail Away…

In January...

It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. That colony of fire ants from 2020 was still trapped in our undies. Other than that, like most Januarys, we were still trying to work out how we got here.

We pondered.

"Heart Of My Heart" by Damien Hirst, 2016 [The Currency Project]

In February...

Our engines started to rev and we went red because it makes us go faster.

In March...

The lovely Tunku Khalsom took us to the Skullfly Ball with the release of two exclusive prints via yours truly.

And then we talked to you about Bowls and Beatles; Bikinis, Beeple and Tweets and finally, the obvious fact that stuff made in 1971 (like the shorter half of Addicted) is still awesome!

In April...

We struck lightning; gave kisses; recommended a Presidential Portrait and ended the month in Hollywood.

In May...

We told our mums we would never accept their friend requests; had a chat about Razzia; witnessed the changing of the guard and added some shiny to everything with a bit of Russell Young.

In June...

Lara Scolari gave us fluid shapes and organic forms and P Gnana got to strut his stuff. Jeff Bezos was petitioned to buy and munch on The Mona and we threw in a few new listings too. As our neighbour would say, "How good is that?"

In July...

We brought back #INYAFACE because we could.

Sparky Samantha Redfern hoisted her tits up and came out swinging with some of the happiest graffiti-inspired artwork we've ever seen.

Meanwhile, Tunku Khalsom got us out of our cocoons with some new butterfly lovelies.

In August...

Charlie Haydn Taylor joined Casa Addicted with his pop art time stamps.

We planned an event.

COVID cancelled the event.

In September...

We planned an event.

COVID called and cancelled the event.

In October...

We planned an event.

Fool us once, shame on you; fool us 76 times, we're optimistic dumbasses. COVID sent us a text saying "it's not you, it's me". So we channelled Hugh Grant with a shout it loud, shout if proud "Oh, f**k! F**k!" and then presented you with four prints and an original...and more lusciousness from Lara Scolari.

In November...

We decided events can go to hell and then welcomed award-winning photographer Markus Klinko to the fold.

In December...

Fab photography duo Formento & Formento joined the family (yes, we might just be a cult). The union also gave us the highest open rate of our blogs on Mailchimp for the year because you all thought "Girls On Film" meant porn. We know who you are…

Being in cahoots with the Formentos has given us access to the duo's collaboration with pop artist Terry Pastor - a match made in arty heaven 🙌

But wait, there's more! Addicted, in partnership with Golden Village Cinemas, Katong (Singapore) launched Booda Brand's blockbuster series "Cinefyl", and it's sure to be a box office hit. Nobody puts Booda Brand in a corner.

Oh, and we got banned from Tik Tok until sometime next January because of bums, boobs and breathing. We'll wear it like a badge of honour 🍑

And just like that, another one bites the dust.

A heartfelt thanks to you all for buying the ticket and taking the rollercoaster ride with us.

Here’s to a super, non-sucky 2022. May your hearts be filled with joy, your walls filled with art and your nostrils filled with PCR tests.

Until the next one Addictees, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen and good night 2021! See you on the flip side!

Blair & El 💖💞💖

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