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May 27, 2021 12:19PM

Image: Frode Ramone - Wikimedia Commons

Blessings Addictees!

You know things are rough when the Vatican is hit with a lawsuit by a street artist. Roman street artist Alessia Babrow is suing the Vatican after its coin and postage agency printed her artwork on an Easter stamp without permission.

The image depicts a painting of Heinrich Hofmann's Jesus with Alessia's tag of a heart reading "just use it" written across his (JC's) chest. The 2019 work was pasted near the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II bridge near the Vatican.

The Vatican offered an audience with the pope and some free stamps as compensation. Alessia has chosen not to redeem this coupon.

If she wins her lawsuit, it will be an expensive addition to the Vatican's stamp collection.

Remember Addictees, just because it's on the street doesn't mean you can "just use it". Preach!

Maybe the devil 😈 - or Nike - made them do it.

Welcome to this week's Weekend Art Fix featuring DOLK.

Dolk Lundgren (Dolk is Norwegian for dagger/knife) has rapidly gained an international following since emerging on the urban art scene. He studied Graphic Design in Norway and Melbourne before moving into stencil art.

As Norway's most distinguished graffiti artist, Dolk's work can be seen adorning walls throughout Europe. Since 2006 Dolk has moved some of his pieces into galleries whilst continuing to work in streets throughout the world.

Early in his career, Dolk's work was often attributed to Banksy due to similarities in style but in recent years, Dolk has established himself as a master with the stencil in his own right. His sharp and intelligent images have proved popular with the public.

In 2010 Dolk created three large-scale cheeky works for the opening of Halden Prison, a state-of-the-art correctional facility in Norway. The murals were created on the walls of the exercise yard. The Daily Mail called it, "the world's poshest prison, with plus 1m Banksy-style art."

Dolk has also been commissioned by the Norwegian government to create artwork in the main railway stations of Oslo and Trondheim, and we've chosen to highlight Prison Painter because we're hilarious 😉

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition serigraph on paper

Edition: #13/150

Year: 2010

Size: 65.0cm x 65.0cm

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To see more of DOLK's artwork, click here

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Until the next one Addictees, thou shalt not steal.

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