My Freedom Day 2021

Addicted Art Gallery
Mar 17, 2021 8:15AM

After participation in the Redress Art Auction for Maiti Nepal (2012), a charity that rescues and rehabilitates trafficked Nepali women, Booda Brand created 'The Exploited' to help shed light on the plight of Asian women and their exploitations in the sex trade.


I promise to take action to help end slavery by:

  • Recognizing and staying vigilant to spot the signs of human trafficking.
  • Understanding online dangers and speaking up if I see a friend who might be making a bad decision.
  • Becoming aware of how goods are made. I will take into consideration a company's business practices when buying things like clothes, electronics and chocolate, then make my decisions based on how they treat their workers and the environment.

Take the pledge today.

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