Greg Beebe: Straight Outta Miami!

Addicted Art Gallery
Nov 4, 2018 4:29AM

Straight outta Miami, Greg Beebe is a self-taught, mixed media artist who describes his work as “a mixture of abstract expressionism, pop and graffiti street art”. With artwork featuring Playboy models to Einstein, the general theme that infuses his work is one of positivity where the specific message, elements and composition in each piece is fresh and handled differently each time.

"Positive or energetic messaging is my key focus. I want to create artwork from a personal feeling of motivation or positivity. For example, seeing people work hard or working hard myself and achieving something is gratifying to me, so I want to create a piece of artwork that might give the viewer a piece of what I’m feeling.”

Greg achieves this through a mixed media style comprising multiple layers of pop culture imagery, graffiti, collage, photography and resin.

Click here to check out Greg's artwork.

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