Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream?

Addicted Art Gallery
Apr 22, 2021 11:54AM

Welcome to the jungle, Addictees!

"Everybody comes to Hollywood,

They wanna make it in the neighbourhood,

They like the smell of it in Hollywood,

How could it hurt you when it looks so good?

Shine your light now,

This time it's got to be good,

You get it right now,

'Cause you're in Hollywood"

~ Madonna

Not hard to guess, this week's Weekend Art Fix is all about Hollywood - and song lyrics apparently.

Check out this week's offering and remember their name...

Remember, remember, remember,

Remember, remember, remember,

Remember, remember...Fame! 🤩

Artist: Nick Walker

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition serigraph on paper

Edition: #100/150

Year: 2008

Size: 73.4cm x 78.8cm

Artist: Bambi

Medium: Screen print with diamond dust on paper, signed, stamped and numbered by the artist

Edition: #5/20

Year: 2012

Size: 112.0cm x 76.7cm

Artist: Razzia (Gérard Courbouleix-Deneriaz)

Medium: Ink sublimation on aluminium, numbered and signed by the artist

Edition: Limited to 250

Year: Image created in 1991

Size: Medium Format: 105.0m x 85.0cm / Large Format: 128.0cm x 103.0cm

Artist: Russell Young

Medium: Mixed media (screen print, acrylic, enamel and diamond dust) on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: CV II 2011

Year: 2011

Size: Image: 157.5cm x 121.9cm / Framed: 164.0cm x 128.0cm x 9.5cm

Artist: Greg Beebe

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic, spray paint, airbrush, resin) on wooden box canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2017

Size: 91.0cm x 61.0cm x 5.0cm

Artist: Pure Evil

Medium: Hand signed, hand embellished screen print on paper, signed by the artist

Edition: Unique #1/1

Year: 2017 Size: 85.0cm x 70.0cm

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Until the next one Addictees, "Hollywood is like Picasso's bathroom." ~ Candice Bergen.

Blair & El xoxo 💎

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