International Women's Day : #EmbraceEquity #WomenCreatives

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Mar 8, 2023 11:19AM

Happy International Women's Day!

Today, we celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of women worldwide. At Addicted Art Gallery, we are proud to showcase some fantastic female artists whose works are as diverse as they are stunning. From abstract paintings that dazzle with colour and form to edgy photography that captures the entertainment world, these artists are truly inspiring. So on this special day, let's raise a glass to all the strong, talented, and creative women who continue to make the world better with their artistry and passion.

Cheers to you all!

Title: Madona

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic, charcoal, tar, metallic enamels, foil, oil, pastel) on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2020

Size: 120.0cm x 120.0cm x 5.0cm

"This intentionally protective painting refers to a mother, and the challenges life can present. "We come from our ancestors, and we carry fragments of their past in our present. We are trying to find a place in the uncertain future of our existence, using the spiritual guidance and teachings of those who came before us.

"Nurturing my soul, I hope to create interconnectedness with others. Inspiring ideas, blending the old with the new. Using the wisdom and energy of my ancestry to grow. The matryoshka character keeps generations of connections - the possibilities are endless." ~ Ale Osollo

Title: Big Girls Need Big Diamonds (Liz Taylor - Yellow / Ochre)

Medium: Screen print with diamond dust on paper, signed, stamped and numbered by the artist

Edition: #5/20

Year: 2012

Size: 112.0cm x 76.7cm

“I think it’s fantastic that graffiti and street artists are getting the recognition they deserve – it’s art with a social message made by anyone who’s got the bottle to spray on a wall and risk arrest.” ~ Bambi

Title: Primary Interactions Reverse Light - Red

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2017

Size: 122.0cm x 122.0cm x 7.5cm

"My Interactions series draws from the cross-cultural patterns and paths of the Mandala – a concept common to all religions; a representation of the universe, a microcosm and macrocosm seen as a motif in Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas, Muslim mosques and Christian cathedrals. Patterns and lines drawn from ancient times coalesce beautifully with a series of bold colours, to illustrate the magical wonders of achieving balance in our lives – the yin and yang of our personal dualities. Add a dash of Sir Isaac Newton’s colour wheel and you have the basis of my Interaction pieces."~ Lakshmi Mohanbabu

Title: Morning Reflections

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2016

Size: 96.0cm x 96.0cm

NH’s inspiration stems from nature, particularly exploring the moon, bamboo and trees – painting on canvas with acrylics. She is fascinated with rebirth after trauma, and the inspiration which ignites at times of new beginnings.

Title: The Gardens of Death

Medium: Acrylic and oil on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2011

Size: 147.0cm x 137.0cm x 4.5cm

"From a shockingly inappropriate young age, I was exposed to the idea of torture. I can confidently say that for a child with my vivid imagination it was, and remains to be my single scariest haunting thought until this day.

"Overhearing adults recalling stories of torture in the Arab world from the 60s, 70s and, 80s, and hearing and seeing torture scenes in films like "Kitkat" (which sadly remains one of my absolute favourite movies), I suffered high anxiety as a child of 7 or 8 years old from these thoughts. So, when the Arab Spring unleashed a wave of torture and abuse as authoritarian regimes clamped down to cling to power, that fear once again surfaced and, I became obsessed with the idea of torture.

"While alone in my studio, I listened to online radio reporting the events from the Middle East. I would make notes and research techniques such as "The Flying Carpet" and "The German Chair" - techniques used against the brave protestors in a renewed absolute horror." ~ Rasha Eleyan

Title: Loving Life

Medium: Mixed media (spray paint, acrylic, marker, coloured pencil, glitter and collage) on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2021

Size: 119.4cm x 149.8cm x 2.5cm

Series: Tits Up And Coming Out Swinging

"Covid-19 has affected my art journey. I have channeled my uncertainty and frustration into creating uplifting and joyful paintings. When I walk into my studio, it's an instant mood lifter. It has been my therapy and a much-needed antidote to my anxiety." ~ Samantha Redfern

Title: Going To Work

Medium: Three colour hand pulled photo silk screen print on Canaletto 300gsm paper, signed, numbered and titled

Edition: #6/50

Year: 2012

Size: 70.0cm x 50.0cm

The energy and power represented by the iconic poster for the 1958 American Sci-Fi film, “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, had an influence on Sarah’s works. She comments, “The women presented in the prints and collages draw strength from fragilities and bring promise for change on a grander scale.”

Source: Artrepublic: Artist Interview

Title: La Cage a L’Unisson

Medium: 27 colour screen print Somerset 300gsm paper, signed by the artist

Edition: Unique #1/1

Year: 2020

Size: 100.0cm x 75.0cm

When asked what qualities or adjectives best describe her as an individual Sandra replied:

"I am so many things and I think in certain ways I am; like my work: a Dichotomy.

"I am strong but also scared of everything and anxious. I am determined and efficient but emotional and shy. I am a dreamer and passionate but I am also organized, independent, and always on time. I crave Solitude but cannot live without laughter and cuddles. It’s so hard for me to trust but when I let you in, I give you all. I am patient and impatient. I am proud of myself but also am my worst enemy. I am Fire, but I can be cold as ice. A Fragile Wolf… The beauty and the beast, I am my own poison and also my own cure."

Source: "My own Poison and my own Cure - Interview with Sandra Chevrier", HouseInk, 2021

Title: Questlove, Genius

Medium: Digital C-Type on Fuji Crystal Archive (Matt), stamped, signed and numbered

Edition: Limited to 25

Size: 122.0cm x 82.0cm

Year: 2008

"This was about the fourth time I'd photographed Questlove. Phil Knott shot his first BLAG cover, and I did the interview. From then on, we connected with Questlove as we shared a mutual love of hard-to-find records and well-curated editorials.

"We set up at our old studio in Jasmine, West London. Questlove brought a selection of press shirts and his hair dryer - this is as self-styled as it gets. We used a beauty light and dark colorama to capture iconic portraits." - Sarah J. Edwards

Title: Clarity

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic ink, alcohol ink, modelling paste, spray paint, metallic photo paper) on wood panel with acrylic framed edges, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2022

Size: 130.0cm x 120.0cm x 2.5cm

Series: Chapter 2

“This new chapter is all about me! It's the continuation of my journey in art and life. Last year I found myself painting to the beat of someone else’s drum for the majority of it. So many commissions, that I am so very grateful for, but it didn’t leave me with very much space to evolve, create anything new, or even discover what it was that I wanted to paint. So this work is the beginning of that.” ~ Khalsom

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