So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye 2022

Addicted Art Gallery
Dec 29, 2022 2:33PM

The Connoisseur" by Norman Rockwell, 1962

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu Addictees!

It's that time again. We at Addicted Art Gallery are excited to reflect on our fantastic year and share it with you, our wonderful followers (is it just us or does the word followers make you think of a cult?). It's been a wild ride, full of new art, sprinkled with community guideline-breaking nipples and butts (thanks for the thrills, Formentos!).

Here are the highlights with a dash of some bizarre pop culture moments…


We started the year with a new series of limited edition prints by the soulful Billy Ma (Booda Brand). The dynamic Cinefyl series celebrated movies from a time when nobody puts baby in a corner, and everyone wants to be a steel town girl on a Saturday night...

Oh, and KFC ran out of chicken. What the actual cluck?

"Maniac (Cinefyl Series)" by Booda Brand, 2021 [Released 2022]


A bored Russian museum guard damaged a prized avant-garde painting by doodling cartoon eyes onto two faceless figures. Clearly, he wanted to give them the gift of sight. Not going to lie; we snarfed (snort-laughed) a bit.

Anna Leporskaya's painting Three Figures (1932-34), now with eyes


Will Smith clocked Chris Rock. Neighbours was cancelled. We reminisced about Scott and Charlene and remembered their wedding like the VHS tape we recorded it on in 1987...

Scott and Charlene, Neighbours


This month, we had an in-depth chat with Formento & Formento - they are also why we now have precision smiley-face nipple-covering skills for our social media posts.

And in case you were wondering, we've decided the award for best April Fools' joke goes to... the 1957 Spaghetti Harvest in Ticino. We want a spaghetti tree!

"Alina 2 (Connecticut, USA)" by Formento & Formento, 2021


Tunku Khalsom brought us her stunning Chapter 2 series. Meanwhile, Maverick single-handedly saved the movies, Rooster and the universe, all while continuing to ask his feathered friends to talk to him.

An eco-activist tried to feed the Mona Lisa cake (thankfully, Mona is covered with bullet-proof glass, so she didn't fall off the Keto wagon). Apparently the purpose was to encourage us to think of the earth. It just made us think of cake. What the actual fudge?

"Clarity" by Tunku Khalsom, 2022


#INYAFACE made a comeback for its fourth edition. The virtual exhibition brought together a global melting pot of pop and urban art to tickle the senses and upset community guidelines. Yes, it had boobage.


We welcomed Heath Kane to the fold, and Stranger Things resurrected Kate Bush from our Sony Walkmans.

"Queen 68 - Pink Coronation" by Heath Kane, 2022


We introduced you to the fantastic talent of Sarah J. and Sally A. Edwards. Khalsom presented us with her Second Chance series, and Dita Von Teese strutted her stuff in an online exhibition featuring stunning images by Markus Klinko. Oh, and AI (artificial intelligence) took home the $750 top art prize at a Colorado state fair.

"Amy Winehouse, While It’s Calm" by Sarah J. & Sally A. Edwards, 2006


The edgy work of the Edwards twins was (and still is) exhibited in Exposed: Collector Editions. Have a looky-see.

In other news, Tyrone Aa Sore Ass Wrecks, Kin Dumb, Pair Gas Ass, You Nick Horn, oh my! After some stalking on our part, we welcomed fellow Aussie Nathan Paddison to the Addicted family.

"Pair Gas Ass" by Nathan Paddison, 20


Elon Musk bought Twitter and broke it. On a happier note, Samantha Redfern and Khalsom both got their very own permanent galleries. Check them out!


Charlie Haydn Taylor shared some of his limited edition prints with us, and Neighbours was suddenly uncancelled. We remember that decision like the day the VCR chewed up the tape with Scott and Charlene's wedding.


This is the month baby spinach became a hallucinogenic leafy menace. Sounds kinda fun.

We gave you a sneak peek of the art by sword-swallowing, 55 Guinness World Record holder, The Space Cowboy - part Houdini, part electrifying artist.

Lastly, World Cup hero Messi set a record for the most-liked Instagram post ever. Previously held by an egg, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall, and the world record egg is now just an egg.

"Believe Dragon" by The Space Cowboy, 2022

And that's all, folks!

With 2023 just on the horizon, we wish you all a wonderful ending to 2022 and an incredible new year.

We can't wait to see what this upcoming year has in store for us, and we hope to continue to inspire you with new works of art.

Until the next one, Addictees, dance with your hands above your head like a teenage goo goo muck!

Blair & El xox

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