Behind The Scene ~ 🍽 Dinner Is Served - A Tinker Brothers Exhibition 🍽

Addicted Art Gallery
Oct 16, 2019 2:18PM

'Dinner Is Served' is grimacing with the bold, acerbic wit & mischief of the Tinker Brothers. Read: guns, raining $ bills & shady deals, while wearing shades. Subverting pop culture figures & throwing them into gangsta-land plots, where they look downright laconic is perverse work.

Pop Bandits the Tinker Brothers are back with their latest exhibition, Dinner is Served, which features past work and a new limited edition print series. You'll come face to face with an array of recognisable pop icons, reimagined with sinister mirth by the brothers themselves. Think the scrappier side of Snoopy, Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse, subverting pop culture characters and throwing them into gangsta-land scenarios.

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Addicted Art Gallery