The Sublime World Of Jennifer Chalklen

Addicted Art Gallery
Jul 23, 2019 3:58PM

"With my paintbrush I summon an invisible world into existence through visceral gentle brushstrokes stemming from an emotion that I am trying to place. My works ask more questions than they provide answers, hypnotic and quiet, the muted tones flickering between the real and the surreal, the seen and the felt, the layers of consciousness that eventually dissolve in the light. I paint the invisible spaces between us, the places we meet each other. The shared space and experience that is created by two people and how that space is occupied in physical and metaphysical form.” ~ Jennifer Chalklen

Jennifer Chalklen is a mostly self-taught contemporary artist from New Zealand and is currently based in Singapore with her family.

Jennifer’s practice is a gentle contemplation in a visual form, which results in a series of sublime works which are strongly representational in form, but somehow otherworldly in design. Symbolism is evident in her works, representing strength and unity. "When we reach to god in its most simplest form, or to nature, or a paintbrush, we are reaching to parts within ourselves that enable us to connect softly to our surroundings and bring comfort to each other with a greater level of empathy and understanding.”

Jennifer developed a strong interest in realistic portraiture during her five years of living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Despite the chaos and abject poverty, Jennifer observed a quiet pulse of connectedness through acts of kindness, cultural nuances and the Islamic religious practices, which acted as an antidote to the disorder of the city, and an identity of togetherness within diversity.

Her work displays symbolism and imagery which act as a conjoint to invisible concepts that contain reflections of beauty, and act as visual explanations that are relatable across communication barriers.

“I observe the intricacies of the female experience and femininity, the connections between people, our subconscious, and articulating a visual response to the life force that binds us together, and our connection to the outside world. Light as a force is beautiful and delicate, soft, and strong. I attempt to capture in my work the constant, unwavering variable in my existence. This is the place where I paint from, in this life which feels like perpetual transit, it has become a place to rest, a home.” ~ Jennifer Chalklen

Jennifer's works can be found at Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore

Addicted Art Gallery