Something 'Tinker' This Way Comes!

Addicted Art Gallery
Oct 18, 2019 11:37AM

They’re here! They’re big! They’re bold! They’re limited edition!

A darker look at the scrappier side of Snoopy, Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse, the limited edition prints launched at the ‘Dinner Is Served' exhibition are grimacing with the bold, acerbic wit and mischief of the Tinker Brothers. Read: guns, raining dollar bills and shady deals - while wearing shades.

Subverting pop culture characters and throwing them into gangsta-land scenarios, where they look downright laconic, is perverse work. And this is the sick pleasure of each piece; the artists know it’s sacrilegious for Mickey to point a gun in your face, but they’re not making this art for them, they’re just amusing themselves. And if a wry smile passes your lips while looking too, then hello! You’ve found your people. Welcome to the no holds barred humour of the Tinker Brothers.

Middle fingers up! Feed your hunger here.

Addicted Art Gallery