Tunku Khalsom: The Skullfly Ball 💀🦋

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Mar 25, 2021 5:17PM

Image: Day of the Dead, Katrina Monarca

When a butterfly flaps its wings Addictees, we become song molesters!

And a one, a one, a one, two, three:

Raindrops on roses,And whiskers on kittens,Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,Butterflies on skulls with gold leaf details,These are the prints that we plan to unveil... s

So good!

Welcome to this week's Weekend Art Fix Addictees. We are proud to present two shiny new prints by the fantabulous Tunku Khalsom.

Hailed as a "creative groundbreaker" by Art Republik / LUXUO Magazine, Khalsom has had a fascination with skulls and butterflies from the age of 16.

"Butterflies have been following me around since I was 16 and got my first tattoo. I’ve always found them to be so effortlessly beautiful, which is the dream in my mind. Since then I have discovered that they have a dark side, I’m not going to get into it because it’s actually pretty gross, but you can look it up. I like the idea of being a surprise, and being unexpected, of having grit to your story. I love them for that.

"As we already know, butterflies are a symbol of change, of metamorphosis, and combined with the skull you’ve got life, death, change and love, all the things that we experience in life.

"Also, I just think that they looking f*cking cool together." - Khalsom

We f*cking think so too Khalsom!

Check it out now (the funk soul brother). Gets us every time.

💀 The Skullfly Ball 🦋

Title: Skullfly: Addicted to Blue

Medium: Giclée print, hand finished in gold leaf, signed by the artist

Edition: Limited to 10

Year: 2021

Size: 100cm x 100cm

Title: Skullfly: Addicted to Yellow

Medium: Giclée print, hand signed by the artist

Edition: Limited to 10

Year: 2021

Size: 100cm x 100cm

Artist: Tunku Khalsom

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Until the next one, because sometimes skulls are thick...Blair & El xoxo

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