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Dec 9, 2022 12:46PM

"Santa Claus", Andy Warhol, 1981

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! Here at Addicted, we're thrilled to bring you our Christmas newsletter, full of feel-good art perfect for filling up your walls this season. Whether you're looking for a fantastic gift or want to spruce up your home, we have handpicked a selection of works from fabulous artists.

Enjoy our 12 Days of 'Arty' Christmas 🎄

Day 1 🎅🏻

The office Christmas party is a great opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen for 20 minutes.

Title: This Sound Sounded Merry

Medium: Fine art pigment print with collage on acid-free paper, estate signed

Edition: #415/850

Year: This edition started in 2013; Printed in 2015

Size: 35.56cm x 55.88cm

Day 2 🎅🏻

I feel like we can't put a funny saying on this one because it's the beautiful Mary - and my mother will whack me with a wooden spoon.

Title: Morena Bendita

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic, enamel, gold leaf, silver leaf, foil, paper, charcoal, ink and resin) on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2021

Size: 200.0cm x 100cm x 5.0cm

Day 3 🎅🏻

I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, "toys not included".

Title: The Lightness Of Being Innocent

Medium: Spray paint and acrylic on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2017

Size: 70.0cm x 100.0cm x 2.0cm

Day 4 🎅🏻

I’ve seen your Facebook status updates, you’ll get a dictionary for Christmas.

Title: Cloud Dance – Red (Special Edition)

Medium: UV ink printed on brushed gold aluminium with stamped signature

Edition: Limited to 5

Year: 2016 Size: 99.0cm x 99.5cm

Day 5 🎅🏻

Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.

Title: Joy - Bubbling Laughter

Medium: Acrylic on paper, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2015

Size: Image: 92.5cm x 62.5cm; Framed: 113.4cm x 85.4cm

Day 6 🎅🏻

Let’s hope Santa won’t get killed using Apple Maps this Christmas.

Title: Pair Gas Ass

Medium: Oil stick, acrylic, spray paint, charcoal and pencil on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2022

Size: 97.0cm x 118.0cm Year: 2022

Day 7 🎅🏻

I don’t mind fruitcakes. They’re the one thing during the holidays I’m not tempted to eat.

Title: Tranquil Bond #1

Medium: Oil on canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2008

Size: 172.0cm x 142.0cm

Day 8 🎅🏻

I left Santa gluten-free cookies and organic soy milk and he put a solar panel in my stocking.

Title: Self Belief

Medium: Mixed media (spray paint, acrylic, marker and glitter) on unstretched canvas, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2021

Size: 132.1cm x 137.2cm

Day 9 🎅🏻

Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don‘t confuse it like you did last year.

Title: True Love

Medium: Hand signed, limited edition giclée on Portrait Velvet paper with diamond dust detail

Edition: Limited to 25

Year: 2016

Size: 61.0cm x 61.0cm

Day 10 🎅🏻

If you get underwear for Christmas, that means you stopped believing in Santa.

Title: Clarity

Medium: Mixed media (acrylic ink, alcohol ink, modelling paste, spray paint, metallic photo paper) on wood panel with acrylic framed edges, signed by the artist

Edition: Original

Year: 2022

Size: 130.0cm x 120.0cm x 2.5cm

Day 11🎅🏻

Nothing’s as mean as giving a little child something useful for Christmas.

Title: Portrait - Lyra

Medium: 4 layered glass, stencil, spray paint, screen print and aluminium in bespoke wooden frame; signed and numbered on verso

Edition: Unique #2/3

Year: 2012

Size: 63.0cm x 63.0cm x 7.0cm

Day 12 🎅🏻

I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.

Title: Bitter Campari

Medium: Lithograph poster, linen backed

Edition: Imp. Devambez, Paris-Torino

Year: 1921

Size: 200.0cm x 140.0cm

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Until the next one, Merry Christmas everyone!

Blair & El 💖

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