Carla and Pieter Schulting's Curated Picks from African Galleries Now

African Galleries Now
Mar 28, 2022 1:16PM

Pieter and Carla Schulting

Pieter and Carla Schulting from the Netherlands have been collecting art formore than 30 years. Their collection of 350+ artworks covers several different movements such as Pop Art, Zero and Street Art and their latest focus is on Contemporary Art from Africa and its Diaspora.

They find this new upcoming movement very interesting and exciting to discover. The art that this new generation of artists is making has a different feel and look from the art of their forebears; it has a fresh new approach, often taking into consideration the narrative of the black body in which figuration is a strong component.

Environmental and socio-political issues are often addressed, making it interesting to know the story behind the works. They think that the art from this period will become a part of Art History. You can follow their African and Diaspora artists collection on Instagram at @schultingartcollection.

Below, discover Pieter and Carla Schulting's selection of highlights from African Galleries Now 2022.

Richard Atugonza
My Self, 2021
Afriart Gallery
David Olatoye
In my father’s house I, 2022
African Arty
Xanthe Somers
Blood-dimed Tide, 2021
First Floor Gallery Harare
Wycliffe Mundopa
Unique but beautiful Part 3, 2022
First Floor Gallery Harare
Thebe Phetogo
Untitled (Partial Head), 2021
Guns & Rain
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