Aureus Immeritus

Aine Scannell
Jun 30, 2013 4:33PM

Well it has been a pleasant encounter finding ARTSY today

and I have seen some beautiful artworks on here - my interest being graphics as in works on paper.

I have been working on finishing an edition of artists books lately whilst also creating an edition of prints for the upcoming printmaking conference at University of Dundee in August.  I have my artwork featuring in no less than 5 different projects so am snowed under with it all.  

I have to admit, that I look forward to when it is all completed and I can get back to making large-ish prints.  Usually about 50 x 70 at least  - although I am limited by the size of the etching press, at my local print workshop.


Exhibition of UK based,  makers of artist books curated by David Faithful


The aforementioned edition of prints for the print          studio I work at 


Another collaborative artists book project which I initiated/proposed which involved 'altering' print on demand books

Not yet published and a book is planned documenting the project.


Exhibiting my work as a member of Dundee Contemporary Arts print studio


My work will be in the Book Art Object

exhibition/ paper presented by Sara Bowan

there may be some others that I have forgotten about for now.....................

Here is a link to the first artists book edition (15) I created - such hard work.  

My good friend T. helped me to shoot some video footage of the book, with the pages being turned one by one.  its only about 3 minutes long.

Aine Scannell