When Bears Cry

Aine Scannell
Jul 18, 2013 8:22PM

You see the trouble is that I am just feeling too hot to do anything much, other than what is possible sitting here at my computer.  This is ever so bizarre given that I live in Scotland that is renowned for its "draoich" weather (that means cold and gray in terms of weather)

The print I am posting here is one of the test prints I created for the Impact 8, FDPW, print edition.  

I had about 5 or 6 possible potential elements to include on the left side of the image.  I'm not sure whether you can actually notice..........but there’s a wee bear inside the red spider.  I have included the spider as a metaphor for the wonder that is nature itself.

 Of course I am referring to the beautiful aspects + natural forms and beings that exist within the biosphere.  

 The person on the right is representative of any of us or even, all of us - human ‘beings'.

 This awareness of how the Polar Bear is being affected by the effects of global warming - keeps coming to my consciousness as I am making art.    I have always had a special love for this lonely and magnificent creature, which faces such a struggle to survive.  

 Most of us really love animals and this is manifest in many ways from the plethora of cultural artifacts we produce all around the globe.......... through to people wearing furry hats or even animal hats with 'ears'.

 However our relationship with animals is such an incredibly complex one.

This wasn’t the final element that I chose to include as my final image. I will post that next time.

However, I am pleased to say that I have finished making the edition of 20 prints. !!!

In the course of producing this edition there were about eight, different possible versions, using etching, collagraph and drypoint.   

But in the end I went with a collagraph element and in fact made a new version of a plate that was already in my possession.

I then made about twelve or so trial proofs of the selected image for the final edition.  

 So in the end I made about 40 prints of which 20 were b.a.t. (bon-a-tirer) meaning good enough to pass muster for the completed edition.

The techniques involved in making the image were: aquatint scan / digital editing and output onto Hahnemuhle paper.

It was then soaked, blotted and run through an etching press with an inked and wiped intaglio collagraph plate. 

Size:   12 x 18 inches  /   29.70 x 42 cm

This is the fourth edition of prints I have made since November 2012 and I really don’t want to do anymore for at least a year now!!!

However...you never know ....if the project / proposal theme etc etc grabs me......................

Aine Scannell