Video Interviews: AIPAD Member Galleries

Feb 10, 2017 5:00PM

AIPAD has partnered with galleryIntell and ARTREELS Production to create a series of videos that feature interviews with AIPAD member gallerists and artists with the intention of giving insight into photography collecting and The Photography Show.

An Interview with Julie Saul

"Fundamentally, photography is a medium and what makes work great is the idea behind it and how well it's executed."

Gallery owner Julie Saul and artist Sally Gall discuss The Photography Show, collecting fine art photography, and the artist's process.

An Interview with Edwynn Houk

Gallery owner and AIPAD member Edwynn Houk on the unique opportunities The Photography Show offers collectors and others in attendance at one of the world's most prestigious annual photography events.

“If you're interested in photography, there's nothing like it in the world. It really is the widest range and the highest caliber of photographic material that you're going to encounter. Nothing duplicates seeing them all in the room at one time.”

An Interview with Howard Greenberg

"I think photography always suggested more than the point in time when the picture was made. Photography has always had the ability to go beyond that moment. Photographs have always had the ability to make you think beyond the image that you’re encountering."

An Interview with James Danziger

Our fourth interview, in this series with AIPAD dealers, is with James Danziger, founder of Danziger Gallery. James spoke to ARTREELS Production about the significance of The Photography Show and the composition of extraordinary photographic portraiture.

An Interview with Bryce Wolkowitz

“I've always been interested in that moment after the shutter clicks.”

AIPAD member and gallerist Bryce Wolkowitz on The Photography Show and how technical innovations in photography have informed the art and the marketplace.

An Interview with Yancey Richardson

"Museums realize that there are artists whose practice spans: painting, sculpture, works on paper and photography- they’re working in all that different media. There is a real recognition that many artists incorporate photography as part of their practice."

In our sixth interview, in this series with AIPAD dealers, Yancey Richarson spoke to ARTREELS production about the role Institutions play in curating exhibitions and bringing attention to the medium of Photography.