My Highlights from Design Miami/ 2013

Dr. Al Eiber
Nov 25, 2013 8:49PM

My Selection:

Art SmithNecklace, circa 1950, at Mark McDonald

Necklace, ca. 1950
Mark McDonald

One of the icons of the American Modernist jewelry movement. The family and Art Smith’s partner strengthened the Brooklyn Museum’s collection where all of Smith’s pieces were shown in 2008. This large collection will be traveling to the Cincinnati Museum in February, followed by exhibitions in Dallas and the High Museum in Atlanta.

Carlos Cruz-DiezMini Physichromie, circa 1995, at Elisabetta Cipriani

Beautiful brooch by an excellent kinetic and Op artist.

One of the best artist jewelry pieces you can buy for all of us who are too late for Calder.

Gijs Bakker, I Don’t Wear Jewels I Drive Them - Mc Laren F1 1993, 2001, at Caroline Van Hoek

brooch Mc Laren F1 1993, 2001
Caroline Van Hoek

Bakker, co-founder of Droog, is a major designer; this is a great piece of jewelry by an industrial designer.

Ico and Luisa Parisi“Iride” standing lamp, 1970, at Sebastian + Barquet

Drop-dead gorgeous.

Jesús Rafael SotoLarge kinetic earrings, 1968, at Didier Ltd.

Large kinetic earrings, 1968
Didier Ltd.

Spectacular earrings by one of the masters of the kinetic movement with an extra rounded piece that goes around the ear because the earrings are very heavy. It was produced by Giancarlo Montebello, who only worked with the best artists of the time.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Trained with the best, Sottsass. The use of acrylic, colored gel, and anodized aluminum for this fixture/sculpture is breathtaking.

Margaret DePattaBrooch, circa 1950, at Mark McDonald

A wonderful brooch by another icon of the studio jewelry movement. There’s a large collection at the Oakland Museum in California, with a very nice exhibition catalogue on her work that was recently created in collaboration with the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

Ron AradBox in four movements, 1994/2007, at Gabrielle Ammann // Gallery

Ingenious design that can be used as a sculpture, coffee table, or chair.

Dr. Al Eiber