Captured Beauty: Scars

Jun 28, 2013 3:54AM

Captured Beauty: Scars


Since that moment, I have sought you

throughout the city, it was nothing

you said or did as a person - no pity.


Yours was a curious balance of

tender beauty and gentle resolve,

like life you seem to have this puzzle



The quiet presence who filled the

room with goodness overflowing,

paused not in what you were doing

as my fascination for you was growing.


Soft brown eyes did played under amber

hues, took me by surprise as

did the scar that appeared with the

shift of your shirt; my evening was

starting on a low note just as a jazz

musician draws out the blues.


Dark reminder of a recent battle for

another day endeavors to exist in

this life, I wondered on the fight that

you chose not to ignore, if like the

musician whose notes seem like

organized strife.


Opinion mattered not as this lovely

adventure showed, was life worth the

effort, the fear, the pain; sweet

darling - on choice would you take

survivals journey again.


Was it to repair a childhood anomaly

as doctors said sagely you will grow

out of it, or was it love - which

anchors itself upon, within, even

throughout the heart; is there a

remedy for this of which the mind

and body plays well their part.


Was it a riddle that blooms with

time, as sordid and dangerous as

bad meter and rhyme.


Perhaps what worked for me will work

for you too; taking long as

love worked its way throughout my

very being making me perpetually blue.


I captured love and placed it in a

golden cask, it wasn't easy, perhaps

looking back it was a monumental



Stealing to a lower deck, I released

the box into the swirling waters below,

for dramas sake or even for show;

my own heart I must protect that's all

I know.


But mystery beauty, have you too been

stolen from me, will I say the right

things, should we meet again?