Lovely Beauty

Jun 16, 2013 4:21AM

Her steps measured, the softness of her

silken hair, adorns her worn majestically.


Her smile a tender mystery, lends

a sense of Mona Lisa’s smile that has

spanned timeless over centuries.


Eyes a dark golden hue, draw all who

chance to peer into them a view.


Of passion and a love of life, for your

family and friends, all is true. Life

lends itself to moments that suddenly

claim due.


As daily adventures create a new

set of challenges in life. Your daily

tasks give balance, in a world beset

with chaos and strife.


Days you might spend looking out

the window, imagining what if,

till your body seeks slumber with

its blessed surrender.


Perhaps you might see yourself in

the rain, wondering why life chooses

to deliver untimely pain.


By definition you have all things,

owing to GOD’S blessed generosity.

Because of HIS Master Plan, a lovely

beauty came to be.