My Highlights from PULSE New York 2015

Alessandro Luongo
Feb 25, 2015 12:00AM

I’m drawn to art that moves me, art with an interesting or innovative concept, and art that requires great technical skill. The six works I chose each possess two or more of these characteristics. Three of these artists were new to me, and I’m delighted with the discovery.

My Selection:

Kathleen Vance, Traveling Landscape (beige traveler), 2014, at ROCKELMANN &

“Traveling Landscape (beige traveler)”, 2014

I like the idea of bringing a little piece of nature with you wherever you go.

Katsutoshi Yuasa, Illuminated Nature, 2014, at YUKI-SIS

Illuminated Nature, 2014

Yuasa is a craftsman as well as an artist.

Rachel Mica Weiss, Pyramidal Planes, 2014, at Uprise Art

Pyramidal Planes, 2014
Uprise Art

My girlfriend Phoebe found this artist, and I immediately loved her work. I like how the illusion of light can be created with a simple material like string.

Jeffrey Teuton, It is so Cold And Dreary Here but I am Going to Make the Fucking Best of It, 2015, at ROCKELMANN &

It is so Cold And Dreary Here but I am Going to Make the Fucking Best of It, 2015

It’s rare that art makes me laugh. (This work’s title did.)

Osamu Yokonami, Assembly I-5, 2014, at De Soto Gallery

Assembly I-5, 2014
De Soto Gallery

I find Yokonami brilliant: inventive, harmonious, colourful, and highly amusing.

Brian McKee, ŞOK # 26, 2014, at Hilger Modern / Contemporary

ŞOK # 26, 2014
Galerie Ernst Hilger

McKee uses light to bring beauty and dignity to haunting settings.

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Alessandro Luongo