Ezra Stoller and Great American Architecture

Ezra Stoller aptly grew up in Chicago, birthplace of the the modern skyscraper, and attended NYU to study architecture.  Stoller began taking photographs of models and built projects as a student, whereupon graduation he concentrated entirely on architectural photography.

Stoller died in 2004, leaving behind 50,000 images, a collection which managed to capture all the great American landmarks, including three of my absolute favorites: Mies's Seagram Building, SOM's Beinecke, and Louis Kahn's Salk Institute (site of a future Art Pilgrimage).

The show of Stoller's work that just closed on March 2nd at Yossi Milo Gallery, but is still viewable on Artsy, includes a photograph of the former Manufacturer's Trust Company, now a Joe Fresh store at 510 Fifth Avenue, with an amazing intact large-scale installation by Harry Bertoia (visible if you zoom in on this photo).  You must go see this!

Lastly, the Stoller show includes a photograph of another Kahn building--a house in Chestnut Hill, PA he designed for Wharton Esherick's neice Margaret Esherick that is currently on the market. It includes a kitchen designed by Wharton Esherick, who was friends with Kahn. You can take a video tour of the house here.

Read more about the Stoller in the NY Times here.