"Metalism" by Alex Kuznetsov at MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow

Alex Kuznetsov
Oct 5, 2014 7:18PM
Discovering tones of pure pigments and their combinations, artist Alex Kuznetsov found some- thing similar in his inner feelings. Achieving shapes with layers of acrylic he makes his own definition in the language of colors. 

Kuznetsov demonstrates that there is no need for characters to affect the viewer and start a dia- logue. For him, he convinces us of this with the power of abstract painting. Can you feel the en- ergy of the gesture? The expression of his body in action? The way he explores, controls the sur- face, and lets the colors cross over each other.

Recently, his communication through his abstract action painting aesthetics is with more tran- quillity in his dialogue emphasized by bigger gestural strokes and more added volume of paint, mainly black, blue, and bursts of yellow and red on metallic backgrounds of gold and silver. 

Steering away from his earlier work, Kuznetsov presses further into the abstract without the need for figurative formation, but instead pressing deeper into the dialogue of color, shape and form. Kuznetsov’s motivation are a direct 'feeling to movement' process in the studio. For him this re- fined technique is just a means of arriving at a statement, shape and form, a concise dialogue of motional feeling for a canvas to bear witness. 

ZAK and Ja'bagh Kaghado continue to introduce Moscow art lovers to young and obscure artists from around the world. The Kaghado brothers, talented young artists in their own right, and Parisian gallerist Wildrik Batjes, founded the MSK Eastside gallery several years ago with the goal of discovering up-and-coming artists and exhibiting fascinating works little known in Russia. Their efforts have been met with enthusiasm by modern art collectors, hungry for new names, who have the brothers' exquisite taste to thank for the appearance of new stars in their collections.

MSK Eastside Gallery is a new dynamic space in Moscow's east-side district. The establishment fully embodies its own "Eastside" title and alternative character, and it focuses on discovering new local talents, who work in different disciplines and that are not given a chance. MSK Eastside will be a platform to develop, exhibit and expose those multifaceted young artists, who possess extraordinary talent and enthusiasm. Alongside with the newly discovered geniuses you will find art works of internationally-recognized names.

The Gallery is located in the Proekt Fabrika building.

MSK EastSide Gallery, Moscow Alex Kuznetsov "Metalism" through 1 November, 2014

Source: http://thevanderlust.com/en/city/moscow/artandculture/148.html

Alex Kuznetsov