L.A. in Sharp Contrast

Alex Gilbert
Apr 15, 2013 7:12PM

For years Nicholas Alan Cope has photographed the dramatic, sun-bleached facades of Los Angeles, from Beverly Hills and Hollywood to Culver City. Stucco, concrete, and stone buildings are captured in high contrast and free of embellishment, appearing equally refined and alluring as Classical and Modern monuments.

In the foreword to Cope’s monograph WHITEWASH published by powerHouse Books, Rick Owens says, “This kind of light makes decisions easier. More black and white. Good vs. bad, pure vs. impure, aspiration vs. collapse. Determined grim optimism vs. self indulgent despair.”

Mondo Cane has an exhibition of the artist’s photographs on view through April 26th and fifteen of the artist’s photographs are available for direct purchase here.

Alex Gilbert