Verbier 3-D 2014 'Mutations' Artist Residency

Alexa Kusber
Mar 31, 2014 10:30AM

Verbier 3-D Foundation Artist Residency 

MUTATIONS: 24th May - 5th July 2014

Mutation (Oxford English Dictionary) mu·ta·tion [myoo-tey-shuhn] noun [mass noun]

1 the action or process of mutating the changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form which may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes 3  Linguistics regular change of a sound when it occurs adjacent to another

The curatorial premise for the 2014 Verbier 3-D Artist Residency is Mutations by curator Paul Goodwin:   

What are the emerging forms of mutation in contemporary art practices? How can contemporary art transform our understanding of the complex entanglements caused by proliferating mutations in the environment and society? Can artists mutate/remix/re-vision our understanding of society, environment and culture? 

Verbier 3-D Foundation is pleased to be engaging with an array of artists for this year's Artist Residency who are currently interested in creating new work and dialogue around the advancement towards radical breaks within the traditions of monumental sculpture. 

Andrea Hasler (CH) 

Bureau A (CH) 

Tarik Hayward (CH) 

Eve Bailey (FR) 

Sanford Biggers (USA) 

We will be featuring the participating artists monthly leading up to the residency.

The Verbier 3-D Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating monumental contemporary sculpture to promote art, education, and culture to international audiences.

Founded in 2010 by New York-based artist Madeleine Paternot and Verbier-based artist Kiki Thompson, the foundation creates educational and cultural experiences inspired by the stunning Alpine environment in Verbier, Switzerland.

The Verbier 3-D Residency and Sculpture Park is an annual contemporary art, cultural, and educational happening in Switzerland at an altitude of 2,300 meters between La Chaux and Ruinettes, where more than one million visiters access the park for FREE year round.

The Sculpture Park and Residency create a space for art and ecology to meet on the mountain. Each individual can experience their own sense of escape in the museum without walls.

Find out more about our visiting and collaborating artists, view upcoming and past exhibitions, and engage in our evolving education programmes.

The power of art is its ability to articulate human emotions and values such as beauty and truth. On the mountain, faced with such sublime vistas, the visitor can experience these works of art…completely removed from the gallery or museum, directly confronting the truth of nature. This is the true meaning of a museum without walls.

– Paul Goodwin, Verbier 3-D Curator

Alexa Kusber