My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design 2014

Alexander Gorlin
Nov 11, 2014 7:05PM

My Selection:

Konstantin GrcicKarbon, 2008, at Galerie kreo

"Karbon", 2008
Galerie kreo

Elegance of line and form—the chaise lounge reduced to its bare minimum.

Finn JuhlChieftain Chair, ca. 1949, at Hostler Burrows

Chieftain Chair, ca. 1949
Hostler Burrows

A classic, evocative of a chief on a throne. This piece exudes power and confidence.

Mattia BonettiSide Table ‘Bubblegum’, 2014, at David Gill Galleries

A Salvador Dali-esque table with surrealist spindles.

Ettore SottsassCup “Murmansk”, 1982, at Fine Art Silver

Lively, springy, and silvery!

Paul Dupré-LafonBar à ski, 1929, at Galerie Dutko

Bar à ski, 1929
Galerie Dutko

Remarkable bar designed as a freestanding object in frozen motion—a bar on skis!

Pierre ChareauPair of wall sconces, ca. 1927, at DeLorenzo Gallery

Pair of wall sconces, ca. 1927
DeLorenzo Gallery

The chunkiness of the glowing alabaster combines the incandescence of light with a virtually molten form of rock.

Jean DunandVase, ca. 1925, at DeLorenzo Gallery

Vase, ca. 1925
DeLorenzo Gallery

Gorgeous form in which the pattern evokes lights reminiscent of the overall shape of the vase.

Yonel Lebovici“Pince sans Rire” lounge chair and its ottoman, 1986, at Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

A smashing and dramatic chair that looks like it is alive.

Diego GiacomettiBerceaucoffer table, ca. 1968, at Jean-David Botella

The elegant use of linear elements creates space in a modern way, yet harkens back to historic Pompeiian precedents.

Jean-Michel FrankDesk and Chair, ca. 1930, at Galerie L'Arc en Seine

Emblematic of Frank’s distinctive use of minimal form and luxurious materials.

S-Table, 2014
Gallery Anne Autegarden

Wonderful use of a single folded sheet of bronze to support a table top; it gives the piece a feeling of motion.

Claudio SalocchiTurning library, ca. 1955, at Gallery Anne Autegarden

Turning library, ca. 1955
Gallery Anne Autegarden

Brilliant riff on De Stijl architectonic vocabulary, applied here to a functional object.

Hélène BinetJantar Mantar Observatory 1, 2002, at ammann//gallery

Jantar Mantar Observatory 1, 2002

Amazing photo of a 17th century observatory that is as modern and minimalist as anything designed today.

Alexander Gorlin