Factum. light Installation. 2012

Alexander Morozov
Mar 9, 2014 4:35PM

Alexander Morozov’s eye-catching neon cosmograms glowing on the wall are abstract and austere. If you don’t know what esoteric and mystical implications are behind the works, you might think that they are just linear forms, dating back to constructivist graphics by Alexander Rodchenko from «Liniizm» series or objects of American minimalist Dan Flavin.

However, this analogy is not the key to understanding. What we see are not just forms, but the results of the conversion of the destiny lines into abstract graphic symbols. Important is also the choice of the people, whose destinies are drawn: Viktor Tsoi, Marcel Duchamp, Andrey Monastirsky, Sigmund Freud and Dmitry А. Prigov. The artist has made a drawing of the «characters» of fate, where each line is a demonstration of the cosmic laws that have shaped the lives of these people.

The author studies the borderline between the elusive states of matter and spirit and looks for media and forms that could best express this state of transition. The artist not just traces the whimsical drawing of fate of the chosen iconic contemporary art figures, but also makes it extremely visual. The luminous objects themselves become star patterns affecting, in their turn, the course of history. Turning celestial maps into light graphic objects brings the new quality to a form – the quality of pure uncreated abstraction. Gleb Ershov 

Alexander Morozov