Abandoned Europe Online Art Exhibition

Alex Solodov
Sep 27, 2013 9:37AM

In the time of economical crisis we would like to focus on spiritual value of art in our new exhibition «Abandoned Europe». The theme of exhibition is an artistic reflection of the other "shadow" part of European life in present and past. Including esoteric traditions in culture as kabbalah and alchemy and their influence on modern culture. In our Abandoned Europe show are involved 21 artists (look at atists list) from 12 countries with more than 80 artworks.

In Historical Documents section we present the compilation from the most unbelievable book in the world written in Italy on unknown language in 15 century - the Voinic Manuscript and the most mysterious book of 20 century - Red book by Carl Gustav Jung. And the key book of Alchemy - Rosarium Philosophorum.

This project represented by artist-curator Alex Solodov.

Alex Solodov