My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design

Amy Lau
Nov 6, 2013 6:39PM

I don’t usually adhere to a theme, period or subject when making these decisions because you don’t ever want to limit yourself. In this particular selection, as well as those I make for clients all the time, I choose pieces with a very unique aesthetic, making them highly distinctive. I am always drawn to unexpected and exciting forms that are superbly crafted.

Miracle has a lot of flow to it—it has a real energy in context with his other sculpture. He made these pieces in the early 1960s, while working on an arc (floor-to-ceiling) sculpture for a Pietro Belluschi synagogue in Rochester. He was obviously impressed with aspects of Judaism and the Old Testament—Genesis is another of his sculptures from the period. Miracle probably references and channels a moment from the Bible.

My selection:

Christophe CômeYellow Lava Cabinet, 2012, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Eva HildLow Complex, 2005, at Mark McDonald

Jean ArpTête-Bouteille, 1956, at Galerie Beres

Junko MoriPropagation Project; Swell, 2013, at Adrian Sassoon

Paul CocksedgePoised, 2013, at Friedman Benda

Paul JenkinsPhenomena Spectrum Dipper, 1976, at Galerie Diane de Polignac

Phenomena Spectrum Dipper, 1976
Galerie Diane de Polignac

Philip and Kelvin LaVerneExcursion Coffee Table, 1969, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Richard FilipowskiMiracle, 1960-1965, at Hostler Burrows

Sophie Taeuber-ArpKomposition mit Kreisen, 1934-1938, at Keitelman Gallery

My number one tip for a new design collector:

New collectors should surround themselves with established dealers, attend design shows, auctions and stay current on different publications and articles from the design and collection world. It is essential to do your research and equally as important to listen to your intuition to find the pieces that really move you. You will eventually find your purchases rising in monetary value as well as your level of pleasure and satisfaction from educating yourself on the objects themselves. It is also crucial to know your boundaries and obtain the best pieces you can that fall within your predetermined budget. Be patient in waiting for the right item and as tempting as it may be, I would strongly advise against purchasing copies or reproductions.

Designers to watch in 2014:

Jonathan Walsh, The Haas Brothers, Based Upon, Joris Laarman, India Mahdavi, Patricia Urquiola, Max LambShi Jianmin, Ammar Eloueini.

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Amy Lau