My Highlights from ADAA: The Art Show 2015

Amy Phelan
Mar 8, 2015 7:32PM

I was particularly drawn to figurative, text-based works, arresting colors, and movement. For me, the act of buying and collecting art is a form of self-expression!

My Selection:

Sarah Cain, group five, 2015, at Anthony Meier Fine Arts

What I like best are the fun, bold colors, paired with the bright metallic gold shimmer. This grouping jumps alive with movement and energy—something we can all use when it’s fair season!

Richard TuttleUntitled, ca. 1980, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery 

I am usually drawn to text-based works, especially if there is either a fun or an interesting message. This work is also playful with the shapes and placement of text. I totally relate to the text, and find it humorous!  

Arnold NewmanWillem de Kooning, New York, 1959, at Howard Greenberg Gallery

Willem de Kooning, New York, 1959
Howard Greenberg Gallery

We have a portrait that I love of de Kooning by Robert Mapplethorpe that Glenn Fuhrman and I bought for my husband’s birthday. It depicts the artist later in life and is simple and straightforward. What I like about this portrait is the dynamic relationship between  the background and the artist, where the frame has the signature of a painting and captures de Kooning in this poetic contemplative moment.

Ellsworth KellyRed Panel, 1981, at Barbara Krakow Gallery

The red color jumped out to me, and I instantly thought of the two flat color shapes that we own in blue and yellow. Although the collection works are oil on canvas, when all three are taken together, the striking shapes of the primary abstractions would round out my color wheel. I also love the color red!

Mark GrotjahnUntitled, 2002, at Barbara Mathes Gallery

Untitled, 2002
Barbara Mathes Gallery

Grotjahn’s gritty and arresting works are something that have regularly caught my attention. I like the movement in this bold yet delicate drawing. 

Robert AdamsLongmont, Colorado, 1979-1982, at Pace/MacGill Gallery 

Longmont, Colorado, 1979-1982
Pace/MacGill Gallery

This photograph is fun in the literal sense, not just because it depicts movement, but also because who doesn’t love a creepy yet magical carnival ride? Adams’s documentary photography also has a serious side that focuses on changing landscapes and black and whites that evoke a somber feeling.

Barry X BallPerfect Forms (24K Gold Edition), 2010-2014, at Sperone Westwater

Perfect Forms (24K Gold Edition), 2010-2014
Sperone Westwater

We recently acquired a gold Perfect Forms in the collection, and I’m so excited about living with this work. I’m typically drawn to figurative works, and this piece boasts appropriation art, movement, and a luscious gold tone. This piece is super alpha!

Lorna SimpsonPink, at Salon 94

Another great figurative work, with a striking, bright color to emphasize physical transformation. We own a photobooth collage work by Simpson that we adore. The works are all so tender, but also very powerful. Lorna is “smart, sexy and confident”…quote credit goes to Stacey Griffith!

Ed RuschaVanish, 1973, at Brooke Alexander, Inc. 

Vanish, 1973
Brooke Alexander, Inc.

What I like best about this piece is that the word “vanish” is almost indiscernible. Many of the Ruscha works that we own in the collection are text-based and use words in a simple way to communicate fun or complex ideas.

Claudio ParmiggianiUntitled, 1975, at Bortolami 

Untitled, 1975

I was immediately caught by this delicate butterfly in a demanding blood-red color resting on the cold white chest of a stunted figure. To me, butterflies are transcendent and indicate that someone on the other side is visiting to give love and support. 

Donald MoffettLot 121814 (spore 1, radiant blue), 2015, at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Lot 121814 (spore 1, radiant blue), 2015
Marianne Boesky Gallery

I’m intrigued with the beauty of this piece and its modern twist on an oil painting. The pastel blue color in this painting is both calming and vibrant. The texture and underlying shapes push the image off of the canvas and make you want to reach out and touch it!

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Amy Phelan